Borough of Chaguanas 

Chaguanas Borough Corporation  is a Local Government Authority and was incorporated on the 13th September 1990  by the Municipal Corporation Act 21 of 1990. The CBC  is govern by the Act No. 21 of 1990 of the Republic  of Trinidad and Tobago.

For Political & Electoral purposes the Borough is subdivided into eight  Electoral Districts

  1. Enterprise North / Esmeralda
  2. Enterprise South
  3. Edinburgh/Longdeville
  4. Felicity/Endeavour
  5. Munroe Road/Caroni Savannah Road
  6. Montrose
  7. Cunupia
  8. Charlieville

The CBC provides a range of services to the public, they are as follow:

  • Building inspection services and support
  • The provision of municipal policing presence throughout the Borough
  • The management of recreation and sporting facilities
  • Maintenance of Cemeteries
  • Disaster preparedness support
  • Maintenance and management of market malls in the Borough
  • Maintenance of Streets, Roads & Bridges
  • Provision of support to service/non profit organizations